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The Circle of the Sacred Earth
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Church & Practices

Church of Animism & Shamanic Practices in Melrose, Massachusetts

The Circle of the Sacred Earth, is a church of animism that fosters traditional shamanic practices. Ministers are located in most states and several foreign countries.

Shamanism & Animism

Shamanism is not a religion, nor are many other modes of spiritual practice and healing. However, because the practice of shamanism and many forms of spiritual healing beg the belief in Spirit, or spirits, the practices fall under the umbrella of animism, which is a religion.

About The Circle of the Sacred Earth

The Circle of the Sacred Earth, Inc., is a church of animism based on the belief in Spirit, including the indwelling spirits of all species and natural phenomena of the Earth, under the oversight of the Great Mystery or Great Spirit. This belief implies a sacred reverence for all of the life forms dwelling upon the planet, including its waters, plants, land, air, and for the universe of which we are all part.

Purposes of the CSE:

  • Supporting the Practice of Direct Spiritual Revelation—Shamanic Journeying, Counseling, & Healing by the Members
  • Providing a Forum of Expression for the Sharing of Such Revelations & Mutual Support among Members
  • Fostering a Sense of Global Community & Commitment
  • Becoming an Educational Vehicle—Preserving in Archives the Accounts of Direct Spiritual Revelation, Experiences, & Knowledge for the Benefit of the Present & Future Generations
  • Performance of Religious Rites by Its Clergy—Presiding over Marriages, in Accord with Both the Doctrine of the CSE & the Law of the State
  • Generating & Organizing Activities in Support of the above Purposes


Membership in the CSE is either general or ministerial. Anyone holding a belief in spirit and the sacred nature of the Earth is eligible to join the CSE as a general member.

Clergy & Ministers

The CSE clergy functions in traditional roles as requested, empowered to perform all rites commonly recognized and enforced by the state, but not in an administrative or governing capacity. The ministers are appointed by the Board of Directors, which is the governing body of the CSE, who perform secular and organizational services rather than theological. Information and requirements concerning ministerial appointment may be obtained by emailing, calling, or writing Roy Bauer, DD, CSC, the director of the CSE.

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